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All our agents are selected on strict criteria’s according to the function they apply for. For any function, a clean criminal record and a certificate of good life and morals is compulsory.


The pre-selected candidates follow a specific training track according to their function. At the end of this course, only those who have assimilated and mastered the key points will be offered to join Securicom Group.


Every new recruit is on a day-to-day training and follow-up with a “mentor”, a more experienced collegue helping him on the site. A agent will be considered autonomous after a positive evaluation.


Throughout his career within Securicom Group, our employees follow a full training path.

Mobility and Career

We promote internal mobility, which is why most of of mid-management functions are exercised by former agents promoted on the basis of successful evaluations, leadership skills, rigor and professionalism.

Social responsibility

Securicom Group makes it a point of honor to retain its employees by offering them an advantageous working environment:

  • Free occupational physician Access
  • Salary above the market
  • Crediting facilities
  • Compliance with the collective agreement
  • Coaching and Development Officers
  • Availability of administrative services each working day