Expert in Airport Safety & Security

Securicom Airport

As a leader in the Sahel, Securicom Airport guarantees the Flight Safety of the partner airlines, offers safety to their passengers and applies the International and National Standards.

Safety Services

  • Control of travel documents

  • Registration area

  • Passengers screening inspection

  • Administrative reconciliation baggage

  • Arrival Room

  • Aircraft Security

  • Catering Control

  • Freight Security

  • Aircraft escort


Human resources & Materials

  • Operations Manager available 24/7

  • Quality Manager

  • Highly Qualified Supervisor Team

  • Team Leaders by Airline

  • Expert in Documentary Check

  • Certified Safety Agents

  • Fleet of vehicles

  • Metal detectors

  • Scanning system

  • Explosive Detector

  • Material Document Check

All our AIRPORT agents follow an intensive training program