Assets and People Protection

Securicom Protect

Key player in West Africa, Securicom Protect combines local experience and expertise with international safety standards. Active as well for companies, as well for individuals and their families, our solutions cover all safety and security aspects.

Protection and Security Services

  • Access, Control and Search

  • Watchman

  • Emergency Response in cooperation with the police and firemen services

  • Event Security

  • Advisor for security set-up

  • Clients SMS Alerts system


Human resources & Materials

  • Operations Director

  • Operations Assistants as SPOC

  • Call Central Agents 24/7

  • Emergency Response Brigade

  • Supervisors

  • Controllers

  • Team Leader

  • Protection and Safety Agents

  • Professional drivers

  • Satellite Geolocation

  • Radios, satellite phones

  • Remote Alarm Transmission 24/7

  • Metal Detector

  • X-Ray Scanner

  • Tonfa, first aid kit

  • Portals


All our PROTECT agents follow an intensive training program