Certified Security Training Center

Training Center

A multidisciplinary quality training offer open to Securicom Group collaborators and external individuals within our Certified Security Training Center, officially certified in 2013 by the Malian authorities.

Our Modules & Themes

1  Mission, vision, ethics and legislation                 9   Access control

2  Guarding and site monitoring                           10     Armed protection

3  Tonfa and self-defense                                          11   First aid

4   Customer approach ans sales skills                      12     Fire security

   5    Conflict and crisis management                           13    Defensive Driving

6  Airport Safety                                                           14   People management

7   Awareness of the terrorism threat                      15   Emergency response

8 Security Technologies


Human Resources & Materials

  • Air-conditioned room in the heart of Bamako

  • National & international trainers

  • Collaboration with private organisations

  • Complete work equipment

  • Certifying Training

  • State subsidies